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Welcome to the "New" Burkett Family Web Site - as first updated in mid July, 2013!  If you are visiting, you may be a member of this family; let us know so we can include you.  If you are a family member, let others know the site exists so they may visit us as well.  If you just dropped in and know you are not a member of the family, let us know that as well. 
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Welcome to the "New" Burkett Family Web Site    


This "New" web site is the first major revision to the Henry Burkett Family Web Site.  In 2003, Joe Burkett, III, developed and sponsored the original site and reserved the domain name ""  for an original period 10 years.  That domain name is still valid and will be until 2016 unless we extend it further.   This site is for communicating with known descendants and those who might be searching for their ancestors and/or relatives.

This revision, launched in mid July, 2013, follows the original format provided by Joe Burkett.  It now has added features and provides a different format for showing the descendant families of Henry Burkett and Mary Epley Burkett.

Included here are the families of the eleven (11) children of Henry and Mary ‘Polly’ Epley Burkett and enough details about each to help researchers decide whether or not there may be a connection.  Email addresses are provided below for any queries, comments or suggestions.

 This site now (Sep 2014) has over 14,400 descendant individuals, including spouses, whereas the original site (2003) had just over 4,000.  Additionally, the parents of many spouses are now identified.  More individuals are being discovered nearly every week.  Personal Ancestral File (PAF) was used for recording data and copies of this data can be made available on a cost basis for family members who wish a copy in a GEDCOM format.  This format will be substantially compatible with nearly all other genealogical software.

One of our objectives is to locate and record as much information and photos as possible about our extended family and distribute it to enough relatives so that the time, effort, and money spent by many people will not be lost.



Henry Burkett & Mary ‘Polly’ Epley Burkett with their grandchildren.
 Photo believed to have been taken before 1865.

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If the name you are searching for is not there, try another family and repeat the process.)

Henry & Mary Epley Burkett and their children
(UPDATED 11 Jul 2014)
Malinda Burkett &
Joseph S. Perryman

(REBUILT 15 JUN 2014)
(UPDATED 12 Sep 2014)
Matilda Burkett &
Berry Marcum

(REBULT  23 Jun 2014)
(UPDATED 7 Jul 2014)
Henry Isaac Burkett &
Nancy Evans

(REBUILT 11 Mar 2014)
(UPDATED 25 Jul 2014)
John Burkett &
Paulina Markum

(REBUILT 18 Jun 2014)
(UPDATED 14 Sep 2014)
Andrew Jackson Burkett &
Nancy Jane Derryberry

(REBUILT 17 Jun 2014)
(UPDATED 5 Jul 2014)
Jacob Lorenza Burkett &
Lavina Burnett

(REBUILT 18 Jun 2014)
(UPDATED 10 Sep 2014)
George Washington Burkett &
Lucinca Minerva Derryberry

(REBUILT 17 Jun 2014)
(UPDATED 11 Sep 2014)
James Burkett &
Mary Ann Gilley

(REBUILT 3 Mar 2014)
(UPDATED 13 Sep 2014)
Jacob Lorenza Burkett &
Mary Matilda Reed

(++ NEW  18 Jun 2014 ++)
(UPDATED 10 Sep 2014)
Mary Caroline Elizabeth Burkett &
James Hall + William M. Brown

(REBUILT 18 Jun 2014)
(UPDATED 10/Sep /2014)
David Epley Burkett &
Frances D. Farrell + Mrs. Emma Phillips

(REBUILT  5 Aug 2013)
Martha Jane Burkett &
William Alexander Young

(REBUILT 3 Apr 2014)

(UPDATED 29 Jul 2014)

Remember, this information was not collected and produced by any one individual.  Many, many people have contributed time and energy gathering the information presented on these pages.  Each of us has contributed in some way or another.  The family trees presented in this website were built from several individual trees created by some descendants of a particular branch.  It was also derived from books of one form or another that were created by various different people.  Much credit must be given to those, both living and past, who spent countless hours, days and years collecting and preparing the information that we are able to present in this website.

This Site Was Last Updated On:
September 14
th, 2014

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Marvin Oliver Webb

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Joe Burkett III, DVM

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This Internet Web Site is provided as a courtesy to the heirs of Polly and Henry Burkett, by the Joe Burkett III, DVM family, in loving memory of their beloved Father, Grandfather, and Great Grandfather, Joe Burkett, Jr. - Born November 15, 1912 - Died April 27, 2001  and their beloved Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother, Pearl Schwethelm Burkett - Born June 16, 1916 - Died September 7, 2013.

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